• Miss Money Box

Super for good

Have you wondered what your superannuation is invested in? It's something worth thinking about.

Through your superannuation, you're invested in a bunch of different assets, like shares. Whether you've actively chosen these assets, or are just in a default fund, you've got skin in the game when it comes to the Australian economy.

By making a choice to divest from the likes of fossil fuels and putting your money into more ethical options, you're choosing to support a more sustainable future for this country. According to the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA), it's a strategy that has seen $2 billion stripped from the tobacco industry thanks to divestment from super funds over the past five years.

So, if you're worried about climate change or the bushfires that seem to rage with increasing frequency during the Australian summer and you want to do something, changing what you invest in within your super is something.

Where do I start?

There are entire super funds that are all about responsible investing. A quick Google search will reveal them. They cut out everything, not just fossil fuels and tobacco but also weapons, live exports, detention camps, gambling and other nasty stuff. You can either choose to switch to one of these or you can choose the responsible investment option within the fund you're already with.

The RIAA has an excellent online tool that can help you find a fund or an investment option that aligns with your values.

This is by no means me telling you what to do, it's just something I want to draw your attention to. Obviously, I suggest you do your own research first. I've happily switched to the sustainable option offered by my super fund, and it's performed well - better than all the other investment options in fact.

Changing what you invest in through super is something you can do now - not just for your future, but the future of this country.